“PMI knows every aspect of the business. I look at them as an extension of my staff. They adapt to the way we work, they do a great job in market analysis, and they’ve helped us grow our programs.”

Rebecca Rinehart
Director of Publications
American Psychiatric Association


Pharmaceutical Media, Inc. is a full-service marketing and sales representation firm with a 42-year history of successful partnerships with leading medical publishers and professional medical organizations.

Our goal is to optimize the value of the organization we represent...and the value they bring to members and advertisers. When you conduct business with PMI both societies and advertisers benefit from a client-centered approach to sales and service that’s unique in our industry:

  • A disciplined team approach that assures you of unsurpassed sales, production and service support.

  • Sales representatives who sell. Our team approach frees salespeople from routine administrative functions and allows them to focus on what they do best: selling for you.

  • PMI NewsUnrivalled production services. Our seasoned production professionals take the burden of production, billing and collection
    from your shoulders.

  • Always learning. We tailor every program to take advantage of the latest opportunities in print and digital media...and to help you grow.

The result: the most effective and cost-efficient media coverage in the industry.

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